How Far Can a Sniper Rifle Shoot?

A sniper is a person operating behind the sniper rifle. If you are fond of watching war movies, then you already know how a sniper looks like in action. But if you are like most people, you probably do not know anything about the rifles, LTC Massachusetts, that are being used in action. But this is not something to be upset about because, in this article, we are going to talk about the different sniper rifles and how they compare when it comes to the shoot.

While there are many sniper rifles out there, just like anything else, some are better than others and thus are more frequently used by professional snipers. The top ten sniper rifles are the following:

M24 Sniper Weapons System – Also known as the military and police-grade version of the Remington 700 rifle, the M24 is the standard sniper rifle of the US Arm. It is considered a weapons system as it also comes with a telescope and other accessories. It can reach a maximum distance of 800 meters.

M82 Barrett .50 Cal – This is another army sniper that has been in use since 1989. It can reach up to 2,600 meters and can even shoot through a wall.

CheyTac Intervention – This sniper rifle has the range, precision, and firepower to make it one very powerful rifle. It can hit a target at over 2,300 meters with great precision. It is said to be the most accurate sniper rifle in the world.

Arctic Warfare Magnum – This is is a British sniper rifle that’s been around since 1996. It has a bolt action design for maximum rifle cartridge chambering.  It can effectively shoot a target at a distance of 1,400 meters.

Mosin-Nagant – This is a bolt-action military rifle and is considered one of the most powerful internal magazine-fed rifles that have a shocking precision level. It has been around for over 100 years and was developed by the Imperial Russian Army before it became in use in 1891. It can effectively shoot a target at 500 yards without optics.

The sniper rifles we mentioned above are really just some of the sniper rifles that are currently being used in militaries all over the world. There are many other rifles that are considered powerful in terms of range, or how far they can shoot a target.

But as we said somewhere in the middle of this article, while distance is important, accuracy is equally important. Unfortunately, not all rifles have power in both aspects. If you have any plans of buying a sniper rifle (your right to own one is covered by the Second Amendment to the Constitution), make sure to check out other rifles apart from the ones we listed here. What you want to do is to find a gun that can shoot at a far distance AND at the same time can accurately shoot a target.

Visit your local gun shop for advice on which rifle to buy.

Three Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Are you trying to generate more traffic to your site? If you have not had any luck, there are several options available for those that are doing online marketing. Three of the most popular strategies involve the use of search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, and social media marketing. Let’s go over each of these to show you which one you should start right away, or how you can start all of them immediately. This is how you are going to start making more sales by just connecting with people that are looking for products that you are selling using these traffic generating strategies.

Overview Of SEO

Search engine optimization is a strategy that involves optimizing your website so that it can be indexed. When you find sites online when you search for things on Google or any of the other search engines, they have properly optimized their site to be indexed. If you can do this yourself, you can spend a few hours a day making sure that everything is properly optimized such as making posts with unique quality content. However, if you do not know how to get backlinks to your website, or use any of the other optimizing strategies, you need to consider working with a professional.

PPC And Social Media Marketing

The other two strategies that you need to use our pay per click marketing which can be done on both Facebook and Google. You are essentially paying for an advertisement to show up not only in the search engine listings but on other people’s websites. Social media marketing pertains to the giants like Facebook and Twitter where you can build a list of followers that will see every post that you make. If done correctly, this can generate a substantial amount of revenue for you, or you could pay a professional to manage everything for you on a regular basis.

Email Vs Snail Mail for Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

When you are considering the best way to get a better response rate through your marketing campaign, you may be deciding if you should use traditional snail mail, or if email will be a better option.

Once you understand the different ways these two types of interactions can affect your healthcare marketing campaign, you will have a better grasp on which one you should include in your campaign.

Snail Mail Marketing

Snail mail is something that has become a part of people’s routine. When they come home from work, one of the first things they do is check their mail. Some pieces of mail are immediately trashed, while others are set aside to open at a later date. However, some pieces are attract a person’s attention right away.

The goal of using snail mail in your marketing campaign is to entice the recipient to open the envelope immediately.

There is nothing quite like the sound of opening a letter. It seduces the senses, and the more reasons that are activated, the more important the message will be.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing allows the Mailing Lists of your marketing message to receive your material immediately, can you be sure that the email will be immediately opened? How many times has someone sent you an email, ask you if you received it and you had to stop and think whether or not you remember the email?

Most people have so many emails in their inbox; chances are they will need to be reminded of the email. Unfortunately, many still do not remember the email.

How to Use Mail

When you decide to send snail mail, you must be mindful of additional costs that are not associated with email. However, snail mail can be used to make a very powerful connection with your recipients. If your sales cycle is long, it can be used to increase prospects and conversions over time. A reactivation sequence can also be used to encourage former clients to return.

You will have to consider your end goal and costs when choosing between snail mail and email. Sales and leads will come naturally once people know that you care.




Tips For Preparing For A Career In Physical Therapy

Being a physical therapist is an emotionally rewarding job. In most cases, physical therapists help people through very challenging emotional and physical periods in their lives. The following tips will assist you on your path to becoming a therapist.

Engage in an active lifestyle, your job as a physical therapist will involve a lot of athletic activity and exercise. Your body and your lifestyle is a reflection of yourself. The people you work with will have to see the potential they can reach through you. So make your lifestyle and dietary choices part of the active and rewarding lifestyle you would like your clients to engage in.

The great thing about being a physical therapist though is the ability to be able to go into different fields as part of your undergraduate course. It is advised to focus on an undergraduate course in health, science or psychology related field. This will form the basis of your knowledge. Depending on where you want to study physical therapy. After your undergraduate degree, you will have to get a Masters where you focus on learning about the biology, chemistry, and psychology of the human body.  You will be expected to do a clinical rotation to apply what has been learned at the end of your coursework before officially becoming a physical therapist. Board certification is offered for therapists if they specialize in certain areas.

Once the above are done, you can go about obtaining a physical therapy license or apply for job vacancies. Depending on the area you are in, you may have to fulfill certain qualifications before you are licensed. This may include a criminal background check, an exam that may be taken three times in the period of a year and a law review. This is important to ensure high standard practice among physical therapists.

How Eating Antioxidant-Rich Diets Can Help You Stay Younger

Do you ever wish that you could turn back the clock? While time travel isn’t possible — yet — there are some things that you can do to give yourself a more youthful appearance.

One of the best things you can do is eat a diet that is rich in antioxidant and Ergothioneine producer. Here’s a close look at some of the benefits that antioxidants can offer:

They Can Fight Off Free Radicals

Free radicals are one of the aggressors that cause your skin to age. When you eat more antioxidants, your body will have the tools it needs to fight off these free radicals. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods won’t be able to stop the aging process completely, but it will be able to slow it down.

They Can Give Your Skin A Natural Glow

Do you wish you had that beautiful, healthy glow that a lot of Hollywood stars have? In many cases, these celebrities get their glow by eating plenty of antioxidant-rich foods. You should do the same thing!

They Can Provide Your Body With Essential Nutrients

When your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs, your body function will suffer. Eating plenty of antioxidant-rich foods, like berries and dark leafy greens, can help to solve that problem. Your body will thrive on a diet like this, which means that you will look and feel younger than ever.

If your diet is short on antioxidants, it may be time for you to make a few changes. These kinds of foods are delicious, and they are incredibly beneficial. When you are consuming antioxidants, you’ll be a better, more youthful version of your current self. You may not be able to travel back in time, but you can do the next best thing.

Top 5 Celebrity Chefs of 2016

1407754385_collage3If you are a food network junkie like me, and also watch every other cooking reality show on cable and primetime television (i.e. Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, The Taste, Top Chef) then you know probably way more than 10 celebrity chefs. In fact, despite some celebrity chefs needing chef management training (did you see how bad Nigella Lawson was on The Taste?), some of them even go from judges to contestants and show what real chefs can do when faced with difficult ingredients (like on Chopped). Here are my all time favorite celebrity chefs.

5. Guy Fieri

The first ever winner of Food Network Star. Alright he’s annoying but you have to admit that out of all the winners of that show, he’s clearly the best – and the only one that became “a star”.

4. Tom Colicchio

The head judge on Top Chef. He not only knows how to cook he gives constructive criticism to contestant to help them become better.

3. Anthony Bourdain

Known for being a “badass” his show No Reservations changed the way the world looked at food. He has been a guest judge on Top Chef as well as one of the mentors on The Taste. His style of cooking is what I wish I could eat every day.

2. Richard Blaze

Out of all the Top Chef alumni he is the most well known for his use of Molecular Gastronomy. It was from him that I learned that agar agar is a thickener! I’ve also eaten at some of his restaurants and I will forever be changed. After winning Top Chef All Stars, he has become a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games as well as MasterChef.


1. Alton Brown

Did you seriously think I would pick anyone else than the greatest food analyst than Alton Brown? Good Eats was the best show on Food Network. And if you don’t like Cutthroat Kitchen then there’s something wrong with you.

5 Slick Startups Dominating “Unsexy” Industries

When you hear about the latest startup companies that are taking over the world, most of them are technology companies. They’re cool and they’re busy developing the latest and greatest in the technology world from devices to mobile applications and more. However, there are other kinds of startup companies in the world. There are plenty of startups that are taking over industries that don’t seem quite as cool as those in the technology world. Today, we are sharing five slick startups that are dominating what could be considered “unsexy” industries. Check these out:

City CoPilot — Luggage Storage

City CoPilot says they are the first New York City storefront for all your concierge needs. Do you need a way to do host and guest key exchanges for an AirBnB? Do you need a place to store your luggage while you’re busy exploring the city? Are you in need of someone who can accept your packages for you while you’re out of town? City CoPilot has you covered!

With locations in the Lower East Side, Times Square, and Brooklyn, you can count on City CoPilot to be there for you when you need them. They provide a safe and secure location for you to store your luggage during trips to New York City. You can feel comfortable knowing you don’t have to drag your bags around all day by securing them at one of the three City CoPilot locations. They also provide a trustworthy and reliable way to exchange keys and they even offer a cleaning service that’s perfect for AirBnB owners. You can also save money on city bus tours and Broadway show tickets by booking through City CoPilot! It might not be the most glamorous or cool business, but they are certainly doing good things by making your life easier when you travel to New York City.

Flexport — Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage

One startup that is making sure the world goes ‘round is Flexport. If you haven’t heard of it before, we wouldn’t be surprised. They’re in the business of freight forwarding, which is about as unsexy as it sounds. However, that doesn’t mean their work isn’t important! Basically, anything that weighs over 330 pounds cannot be sent via the postal service. It’s just too heavy! Instead, it needs to be shipped via freight.

Freight forwarding companies like Flexport have the responsibility of aiding in the transport of heavier packages via land, sea, or air to make sure it arrives at its destination safely and on time. However, there isn’t just one company involved in making these deliveries happen. Freight packages are often handed off between multiple companies before arriving at their final destination.

As a result, companies often turn to Flexport to make the process easier. Flexport helps companies find the best deal on transport by compiling available freight forwarding carriers into one database, while also providing their own freight forwarding services. They aid in making the shipping process much easier for the companies who are doing the heavy lifting to ensure packages get to where they need to go.

Shyp — Shipping

Shyp is also in the business of getting packages from here to there by offering pickup, packaging, and low shipping rates to save you cash. This startup was born in San Francisco, but eventually spread to New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to bring their convenient shipping services to even more customers. The company has continued to grow since its inception by partnering with eBay and offering even more shipping-related services.

In 2015, Shyp and eBay joined forces to provide sellers a way to easily ship packages to buyers, making the whole e-commerce thing a little easier for everyone involved. They have since developed a cloud-based shipping dashboard and a label printing service, both of which are now available nationwide. With this expansion, they’re able to reach even more customers to spread the word. This company has plans to introduce even more features to their cloud-based system to make shipping simpler for those around the country. They’re yet another company working hard to make packaging and shipping more convenient for you.

Zenefits — Human Resources

Started in San Francisco in 2013, Zenefits has since expanded to more than 900 employees that are located across the United States, in Canada, and in India. With growth like that, you know they must be doing something right! So, what exactly does Zenefits do? Well, they aim to make entrepreneurship easier by providing a solution to human resources administration. When it comes to managing human resources, payroll, and benefits, there’s a lot an employer needs to do and take care of. Zenefits wants to make that easier.

They have designed an easy-to-use human resources platform that allows companies to automate their payroll, which ultimately saves you time and money. You won’t have to worry about paying someone else to take care of it, which is definitely a bonus. Zenefits even offers benefits for companies by providing quality medical, dental, and vision coverage at affordable prices. They even provide life and disability insurance, commuter benefits, a health savings account, and even more features.

The Zenefits platform even offers a way to streamline the hiring and onboarding process of new employees to ensure your business runs smoothly. You can even use their platform to have employees clock in and out and track time off. Seriously, what doesn’t Zenefits do? They provide even more features business owners will want to take advantage of.

Honor — Senior Care

Home care has become an increasingly popular business throughout the United States, with more individuals searching for quality caregivers to support their aging loved ones. Honor aims to provide exactly that service and chooses only the best applicants to become caregivers through their company. While it’s not the most fun topic to think about or discuss, quality home care is very important and it’s essential that we have a great way to care for our families.

With a service like Honor, loved ones are able to live comfortably in their own homes when they have the help of an experienced caregiver. Not only do they give you a way to find the best caregiver for your loved ones, but you’re able to use service to stay in touch with your “Care Pro” and receive regular updates on your family member in their care.

The home care professionals at Honor are available to help with medication reminders, stay active, meal prep and the purchasing of groceries, transportation, light housekeeping, personal care and hygiene, companionship, and even check-in visits. You can feel confident knowing your loved one is taken care of with the help of a quality service like Honor.

Top 10 Great Ways To Cook Potatoes

potatoes-411975_640This post is clearly inspired by Lord of The Rings when Sam is talking about Potatoes. Potatoes are loved by people all over the world. Not only are they delicious, they’re also incredibly versatile. As he says “boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew!” But here are my favorite ways to make potatoes:

10. Bake Them

Baked potatoes are easy to make, and they are also very healthy. Once a potato is baked, you can add butter, sour cream, or a variety of other toppings.

9. Boil Them

Boiled potatoes can be a little on the bland side, but they tend to be very healthy. You can boil potatoes and then mash them if desired.

8. Fry Them

French fries are made with potatoes, but you can also fry up potatoes at home.

7. Make Them Into A Soup

Potato soup is both hearty and delicious.

6. Turn Them Into A Salad

Potato salad has been a staple of picnics for a very long time. There are a lot of potato salad varieties.

5. Make Hash Browns

Hash brown is a beloved breakfast food, especially when it is made fresh.

4. Create Homemade Potato Chips

If you have a craving for chips, you don’t have to run out to the grocery store. You can make your own chips at home. Homemade chips are much healthier than the alternative.

3. Make Latkes

Latkes, a type of potato pancake, are a delicious comfort food.

2. Serve The Skins

If you peel your potatoes, you should know that you don’t have to get rid of the skin. To many people, the skin can be the best part.


10. Make Gnocchi

This is obviously the best way to use potatoes. Gnocchi, an Italian potato dumpling dish, is beyond delicious. It is easier to prepare than you might think. And if you want to impress a dinner party, then make gnocchi not baked potatoes.

As you can see, there are no shortage of great ways to cook potatoes. If you have a bag of potatoes in your cupboard, you should be able to make a variety of great meals.

Top 10 Foods That Kids Hate But Adults Love

green-leafy-veggiesTaste buds often change as we grow older. Some foods that adults love to indulge in are hated by children. These 10 tasty foods are avoided by many picky young eaters but are now featured all over in a variety of supper club NYC.

10. Salmon

A lot of kids turn up their nose at the thought of eating oily fish. However, adults love this healthy and rich fish.

9. Almonds

Many adults love to eat nuts, and almonds are one of the most popular nuts in the world. However, a lot of small children try to avoid nuts at all costs. Kids do tend to enjoy nut butters.

8. Asparagus

Well-cooked asparagus is a great way to finish off an adult meal, but many kids hate the smell of asparagus.

7. Broccoli

Kids are famous for hating broccoli, but it is a favorite of dining adults.

6. Green Beans

While green beans are often labeled as a vegetable, they are actually a legume. Kids hate them, but adults think they’re great.

5. Greek Yogurt

Protein-rich Greek yogurt is eaten by millions of adults. However, a lot of kids hate the texture of this healthy yogurt.

4. Sweet Potatoes

In spite of their name, most kids prefer regular potatoes to sweet potatoes.

3. Shellfish

Shellfish is a favorite of adults, but most kids won’t eat shellfish.

2. Dark Chocolate

Kids prefer milk chocolate, but adults love dark chocolate


1. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are served in some of the finest restaurants in the world. Many adults pay a premium price in order to enjoy this delicacy. However, a lot of kids wouldn’t eat Brussels sprouts even if you paid them.

Kids may not want to eat healthy foods, but they won’t be that way forever. As children grow older, they will grow more willing to try foods they might have avoided in the past.

The Top 10 Secret Societies

secret-societiesOver the course of history, there have been a number of secret societies. While these societies are supposed to be secret, we still know a lot about them.

10. Ancient Order of Hibernians

This society was initially formed to protect the rights of Irish Catholic immigrants.

9. National Grange

This secret society models itself around the Masonic fraternity. Both men and women can be members.

8. The United Ancient Order of Druids

This society revolves around Celtic paganism.

7. The Knights Templar

It is believed that this society exists to protect things of religious importance, such as the Holy Grail. They were mass murdered on a “Friday The 13th” which is why this day is considered unlucky.

6. Bilderberg

This society meets every single year, but no one knows exactly what it is that they plan. Recently they have released topics of discussion which still doesn’t sit will with me.

5. The Elders of Zion

It is believed that this secret society is exclusive to Jewish members. However, many believe that this society does not actually exist.

4. The Rosicrucians

This secret society dates back to the 15th century. It is believed that this society has helped to incite various revolutions throughout history.

3. The Illuminati

Many devious acts have been attributed to the Illuminati. The truth behind this secret society is a mystery to all but its members. I’m looking at your Beyoncé!

2. The Freemasons

It is believed that the Freemasons are the oldest remaining secret society. If you are interested, you can still become a Freemason today.


1. Skull & Bones

This secret society is associated with the Ivy League college Yale. It is rumored that its members have a lot of influence in the business world. Famous members include former President Bush and his son George W.

While we are aware of these societies, there is much that we do not know about them. It is likely that the real truth behind these societies will remain a mystery. Are they myths, or are the stories true? Only members know.

The Top 10 Search Engines

search-engineWhen most people think of search engines, they think of Google. As a matter of fact, many people use the word “Google” when they talk about internet searches.

However, that doesn’t mean that Google is the only place to conduct searches. People who are hunting for something special have a number of search engines to choose from. Any one interested in search engine optimization can take advantage of these places to edge out their competition:

10. Goodsearch

For people who have concerns about search engines and privacy, Goodsearch is an ethical alternative.

9. Blekko

This creatively named search engine has drawn a lot of inspiration from social media platforms like Twitter.

8. Yippy

If you are interested in exploring the deep web, you may want to give the Yippy search engine a look.

7. Dogpile

Want to see search results from several different sources? Why not give Dogpile a try?

6. Ask

Formerly known as “Ask Jeeves,” this search engine still gets a lot of usage.

5. Yandex

Some search engines are more popular in other parts of the world than others. This Russian search engine may not be well-known in the west, but it is popular in eastern Europe.

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo doesn’t have the name recognition that the search engines above do, but it does have a dedicated audience.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo has been a frequently-used search engine for a very long time. Yahoo is also a popular news aggregate.

2. Bing

While Google is the top search engine, Bing has been growing in popularity over the years. This Microsoft-owned search engine has been focused on improving its results.


1. Google

Obviously, Google is the number one search engine around. People rely on Google to deliver them the kind of results that they need.

While Google is an excellent search engine, internet users should know that they have plenty of choices available to them. There are lots of search engines out there.

The Top 3 Addicting SmartPhone Games

candycrushsaga-1It wasn’t long ago that phones were used as a communication device. The times have changed, however and they are used for so much more than that. Today we use our phones not only to communicate, but to keep up with our finances, our activity, and even to enjoy some time by playing games. I find the follow games extremely frustrating as well as completely addicting:

3. Candy Crush

This game was the first puzzle game that got people really hooked to their phones. It continues to be one of the most popular smart phone games of all time. The makers of Candy Crush have created many offsets of the popular game which have also been quite fun to play. But nothing is as good as the original

2. Trivia Crack

Another game that many smart phone users have enjoyed. Trivia Crack puts their users either against their friends and family or strangers from all over the world. There are six trivia categories: geography, history, science, sports, art and pop culture. What’s even more fun is that the question are user submitted so the questions can be either easy or super challenging.


1. PokemonGo

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, PokemonGo has been taking over society. I’m sure by the time this article is published that the amount of downloads has risen. Pokemon has taken over and they are free in the world. It’s time to catch them all and fight your friends and family in gyms. The latest update even lets you have a buddy system where you can earn extra candy.

As you can see, there are many fun and exciting games for smart phones that many people find addicting. While Candy Crush continues to be one of the most popular games for the devices, there are other choices for those who would rather play something else. When you get ready to play something fun, try out a game shared here.

The Top 3 Most Horrific Sports Injuries

As much as I love sports and competitions, sometimes we forget that these athletes who can perform amazing feats of athleticism are simply human. Nothing is more tragic (and oddly entertaining at the same time) is watching one of your beloved sports heroes get injured. Now, there’s a difference between being knocked out, or shaken up and horrific sports injuries. These injuries were all caught on camera and makes even the toughest people cringe. Even if you hate that player, you can’t help but be concerned. There’s a great YouTube video you can watch here:

But if you have a faint heart, you might just want to read my top 5:

3. Tim Hudson (Atlanta Braves) — Broken Ankle

What should have been a routine play turned out to be nothing but routine. Freddie Freeman through the ball to Tim Hudson on first to try and get opponent Eric Young Jr. Young hustled to beat out the through and accidentally stepped on Hudson’s ankle causing it to spend and snap.

2. Clint Malarchuk (Buffalo Sabres) — Lacerated Throat

clint-malarchukBecause of this injury, goalies are now required to wear neck protectors. Goalie Clint Malarchuk was protecting his goal when there was a collision. A skate cut his throat in the jugular. The results were not pretty. 300 stitches later, he recovered and didn’t need sclerotherapy treatment.


1. Joe Theismann (Washington Redskins) — Broken Leg

I remember this as if it were yesterday. My friend Halland Chen (who owns Vein Institute and Pain Centers of America) and I were sitting on the couch watching the game. I have never seen a man’s leg literally bend in the wrong direction. After being hit by linebacker Lawrence Taylor, Joe Theismann fell the wrong way and broke his tibula and fibular, ultimately having to retire from Football.

What do you think of my top 3 horrific sports injuries? Do you have one that sends shivers down your spine?

The 10 Best Moments In Sports History

artidv000030000077While there have been countless incredible moments in the history of American sports, some of these moments stand out in a crowd. These 10 moments will never be forgotten by sports fans.

10. When Villanova Beat Georgetown

This historic came put NCAA basketball on the map.

9. Babe Ruth’s Called Shot

Some of the greatest moments in sports history are also the most contentious ones.

8. When The USA Beat The Soviet Union

International games can be very intense. When the USA beat the Soviet Union at Olympic Hockey games, it was about more than sports. It was a victory for all of America.

7. The Immaculate Reception

This catch by Franco Harris won a game and changed the rules of football.

6. The Unstoppable Buffalo Bills

Winning one Super Bowl is an amazing feat. However, the Buffalo Bills managed to win four in a row.

5. The First Super Bowl

Today, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the entire year. However, the first Super Bowl didn’t take place until the 1960s. It changed sports history forever.

4. When The Red Sox Beat The Yankees

For years, people believed that the Boston Red Sox were cursed. When they managed to beat the Yankees and win the world series, people couldn’t believe their eyes.

3. When Reggie Jackson Hit Three Home Runs Straight

Even a single home run is a big event. Reggie Jackson managed to hit three in a row, and he did it during the World Series.

2. When Hank Aaron Beat Babe Ruth’s Record

For a while, it seemed as though no one would ever beat Babe Ruth’s home run record. However, Hank Aaron managed to topple it.


1. When Jackie Robinson Broke The Color Barrier

In the past, professional sports were very segregated. Jackie Robinson changed that when he joined the world of professional baseball.

It’s clear that sports have a rich and storied history.

The Top 10 Dumbest Reasons Why People Got Arrested

I have a good friend of mine that for a bail bonds NJ company. The two of us have shared quite a few stories of all the crazy things that we have seen over the years. A few times his clients have been arrested for the most dumb reasons. Here’s a great video fo the 10 dumbest criminals of all time.

If you can handle to laugh even more, here are 10 of the dumbest reasons that people have been arrested (according to stories from my friend)

10. Violation Of The Leash Law

If you find a stray, turn it in or you could be the one in violation.

9. Posting Pictures Of A Crime, And The Loot On Social Media

If you’re going to do a crime, don’t post the crime on social media. It’s only a matter of time until the police view it.

8. Forgetting To Turn Off Skype

Again, if you’re going to do a crime, don’t post it or leave skype on.

7. Bragging About What Was Stolen (To A Cop)

If you’re sitting in a bar and bragging to the guy next to you about the robbery you were involved in, make sure it’s not a cop that you’re bragging to.

6. Refusing To Return Sports Equipment (Balls Etc.) That Land In Your Yard

If you’re elderly and tired of the neighbor kids baseball and football landing in your yard, return the balls to them, don’t refuse to return them or you may be arrested.

5. Passing Gas On A Public Officer

If you’re being fingerprinted or questioned, don’t pass gas on anyone around you.

4. Jay Walking

Never jaywalk in front of the donut shop in a big city, you never know who will be inside eating a donut.

3. Double Parking In A No Parking Zone In Front Of A Police Station While Trying To Break Someone Out Of Jail

If you’re going to try and break someone out of jail, wait for a regular parking spot so that you don’t draw more attention to yourself.

2. Selling Videos Of Crimes In Action

Don’t tape your crime and then try to sell the illegal CDs.


1. Calling An Ambulance For A Pet

We know you love your pet, but you can’t call an ambulance for them.

The Top 10 Courtroom Dramas On TV

full-cast-of-law-and-order-cast-list-for-the-show-law-and-order-u1While most people have no desire to go to court, people love watching a good courtroom drama play out on TV. If you’re intrigued by court proceedings, you should give these 10 dramas a try.

10. Better Call Saul

This Breaking Bad spin-off is set before the classic TV show began

9. Franklin & Bash

This show contained a lot of drama, but it could also be a lot of fun.

8. Harry’s Law

The combination of a courtroom drama and Kathy Bates was too much for audiences to resist.

7. How To Get Away With Murder

This currently airing show has audiences captivated.

6. Law & Order

Law & Order is one of the most beloved courtroom dramas of all time, and for good reason. It provided everything that most people want in a courtroom show. It also spawned several spin-offs, including Law & Order: Special Victims Units.

5. The Good Wife

Have you ever wondered how someone could stay with their spouse after they had an affair? This courtroom drama focused on a woman who made that difficult choice.
4. The Practice

Many actors rose to stardom thanks to the Practice. This TV show captured the attention of audiences immediately.
3. Boston Legal

This drama, which stared James Spader, focused on Massachusetts court cases.

2. Suits

This newer drama is a hit with audiences.


1. Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal was definitely an unconventional show, but it entertained audiences for many years. It has a lot of courtroom drama, but it contains plenty of interoffice drama as well.

There have been a number of excellent courtroom dramas on TV, and it is likely that there will be even more compelling shows in the future. If you’re a fan of courtroom action, you should give all of these shows a closer look.

The Ten Best Police Films Of All Time

training-dayPolice films are usually filled with action and excitement. The problem is that not many people like that action and excitement when it’s happening to them. No one likes to get pulled over or arrested. I have a lot of friends in the law related industries and I took some of their opinions when compiling this list.

10. Mulholland Falls

Set in the 1950s, this film is about a group of cops investigating the suspicious death of a beautiful young women.

9. Training Day

On his first day as a narcotics officer, a young and idealistic officer gets a taste of what being a cop can really be like.

8. One False Move

After a big arrest goes wrong, the LAPD have to track down a seriously unstable criminal.

7. Fargo (My Friend Mike a criminal defense lawyer’s favorite)

In small-town Minnesota, a strange crime falls apart thanks to the work of the local police force.

6. Rush

Two cops go undercover in order to bring down a Texas drug dealer.

5. The French Connection (Speedy Bail Bonds favorite)

A pair of cops inadvertently stumble onto a smuggling ring.

4. The Departed

In this Academy Award winning movie, a cop has to go undercover in order to bring a crime boss down.

3. Bad Lieutenant

Not all cops are heroes. In this film, the cop is definitely one of the bad guys.

2. Seven

Two police detectives pursue a terrifying serial killer.


1. Heat

A group of bank robbers have to deal with the police officers pursuing them.

Any of these 10 films should satisfy your cravings for action and adventure. This police films are gripping and packed to the brim with drama. There are many excellent cop films, but the movies above are among the cream of the crop. You’re sure to enjoy every one of them. What do you think of my top 10? Please feel free to contact me with your opinion!

The Ten Best Noire Films Of All Time

film-noir-wallpaperFilm noire to me is what defines breath-taking, adrenaline pumping cinema. This genre of film has a large and passionate fan base yet is mostly unknown to the generations below us. Here are my Top 10 Best Film Noire films.

10. Criss Cross

This oft-forgotten movie is everything noire should be.

9. In A Lonely Place

This serial killer movie is incredibly disturbing and completely compelling.

8. City That Never Sleeps

This movie is narrated by the city it takes place it. It doesn’t get more noire than that.

7. Raw Deal

This film blends the best of pulp with the best of film noire.

6. Act Of Violence

This dark and beautiful film focuses on the aftermath of World War II.

5. They Live By Night

While the original Romeo and Juliet is a fairly dark story, this movie puts a film noir spin on the classic play.

4. The Killers

This dreamy and dark film is based on a short story by Ernest Hemmingway.

3. The Maltese Falcon

This movie, which is based on the Dashiell Hammet book of the same name, has been described as the finest detective film ever made.

2. Double Indemnity

This film, which revolves around a deeply unhappy couple, has been remade and re-worked on several occasions. None of these versions can hold a candle to the original. And it’s clearly the defining role for Ms. Barbara Stanwyck.


1. The Asphalt Jungle

Made by MGM in the 1950s, this fantastic film has been described as one of the most thrilling crime movies ever made. It’s tightly paced from start to finish.

Do you agree with my top 10? If you think I missed something or have a difference of opinion, I encourage you to contact me! I love debating!

Moving Images

What makes a good movie? A movie stands for Moving Images. If a picture speaks a thousand words the moving images speak volumes. Originally movies were silent because they were able to depict a scene just through images alone. Then as we all remember The Jazz Singer came out and changed the world. But I feel that many movies now rely on generic story telling orally rather than using moving images. Recently Mojo Jojo a popular Youtube Channel that I enjoy watching came out with a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Movie Scenes with Minimal Dialogue. Although I would have ranked some of them differently, this concept is interesting to me. Here’s the video and I would love to know what you think: