artidv000030000077While there have been countless incredible moments in the history of American sports, some of these moments stand out in a crowd. These 10 moments will never be forgotten by sports fans.

10. When Villanova Beat Georgetown

This historic came put NCAA basketball on the map.

9. Babe Ruth’s Called Shot

Some of the greatest moments in sports history are also the most contentious ones.

8. When The USA Beat The Soviet Union

International games can be very intense. When the USA beat the Soviet Union at Olympic Hockey games, it was about more than sports. It was a victory for all of America.

7. The Immaculate Reception

This catch by Franco Harris won a game and changed the rules of football.

6. The Unstoppable Buffalo Bills

Winning one Super Bowl is an amazing feat. However, the Buffalo Bills managed to win four in a row.

5. The First Super Bowl

Today, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the entire year. However, the first Super Bowl didn’t take place until the 1960s. It changed sports history forever.

4. When The Red Sox Beat The Yankees

For years, people believed that the Boston Red Sox were cursed. When they managed to beat the Yankees and win the world series, people couldn’t believe their eyes.

3. When Reggie Jackson Hit Three Home Runs Straight

Even a single home run is a big event. Reggie Jackson managed to hit three in a row, and he did it during the World Series.

2. When Hank Aaron Beat Babe Ruth’s Record

For a while, it seemed as though no one would ever beat Babe Ruth’s home run record. However, Hank Aaron managed to topple it.


1. When Jackie Robinson Broke The Color Barrier

In the past, professional sports were very segregated. Jackie Robinson changed that when he joined the world of professional baseball.

It’s clear that sports have a rich and storied history.

The 10 Best Moments In Sports History