When you are considering the best way to get a better response rate through your marketing campaign, you may be deciding if you should use traditional snail mail, or if email will be a better option.

Once you understand the different ways these two types of interactions can affect your healthcare marketing campaign, you will have a better grasp on which one you should include in your campaign.

Snail Mail Marketing

Snail mail is something that has become a part of people’s routine. When they come home from work, one of the first things they do is check their mail. Some pieces of mail are immediately trashed, while others are set aside to open at a later date. However, some pieces are attract a person’s attention right away.

The goal of using snail mail in your marketing campaign is to entice the recipient to open the envelope immediately.

There is nothing quite like the sound of opening a letter. It seduces the senses, and the more reasons that are activated, the more important the message will be.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing allows theĀ Mailing Lists of your marketing message to receive your material immediately, can you be sure that the email will be immediately opened? How many times has someone sent you an email, ask you if you received it and you had to stop and think whether or not you remember the email?

Most people have so many emails in their inbox; chances are they will need to be reminded of the email. Unfortunately, many still do not remember the email.

How to Use Mail

When you decide to send snail mail, you must be mindful of additional costs that are not associated with email. However, snail mail can be used to make a very powerful connection with your recipients. If your sales cycle is long, it can be used to increase prospects and conversions over time. A reactivation sequence can also be used to encourage former clients to return.

You will have to consider your end goal and costs when choosing between snail mail and email. Sales and leads will come naturally once people know that you care.




Email Vs Snail Mail for Healthcare Marketing Campaigns