I have a good friend of mine that for a bail bonds NJ company. The two of us have shared quite a few stories of all the crazy things that we have seen over the years. A few times his clients have been arrested for the most dumb reasons. Here’s a great video fo the 10 dumbest criminals of all time.

If you can handle to laugh even more, here are 10 of the dumbest reasons that people have been arrested (according to stories from my friend)

10. Violation Of The Leash Law

If you find a stray, turn it in or you could be the one in violation.

9. Posting Pictures Of A Crime, And The Loot On Social Media

If you’re going to do a crime, don’t post the crime on social media. It’s only a matter of time until the police view it.

8. Forgetting To Turn Off Skype

Again, if you’re going to do a crime, don’t post it or leave skype on.

7. Bragging About What Was Stolen (To A Cop)

If you’re sitting in a bar and bragging to the guy next to you about the robbery you were involved in, make sure it’s not a cop that you’re bragging to.

6. Refusing To Return Sports Equipment (Balls Etc.) That Land In Your Yard

If you’re elderly and tired of the neighbor kids baseball and football landing in your yard, return the balls to them, don’t refuse to return them or you may be arrested.

5. Passing Gas On A Public Officer

If you’re being fingerprinted or questioned, don’t pass gas on anyone around you.

4. Jay Walking

Never jaywalk in front of the donut shop in a big city, you never know who will be inside eating a donut.

3. Double Parking In A No Parking Zone In Front Of A Police Station While Trying To Break Someone Out Of Jail

If you’re going to try and break someone out of jail, wait for a regular parking spot so that you don’t draw more attention to yourself.

2. Selling Videos Of Crimes In Action

Don’t tape your crime and then try to sell the illegal CDs.


1. Calling An Ambulance For A Pet

We know you love your pet, but you can’t call an ambulance for them.

The Top 10 Dumbest Reasons Why People Got Arrested