secret-societiesOver the course of history, there have been a number of secret societies. While these societies are supposed to be secret, we still know a lot about them.

10. Ancient Order of Hibernians

This society was initially formed to protect the rights of Irish Catholic immigrants.

9. National Grange

This secret society models itself around the Masonic fraternity. Both men and women can be members.

8. The United Ancient Order of Druids

This society revolves around Celtic paganism.

7. The Knights Templar

It is believed that this society exists to protect things of religious importance, such as the Holy Grail. They were mass murdered on a “Friday The 13th” which is why this day is considered unlucky.

6. Bilderberg

This society meets every single year, but no one knows exactly what it is that they plan. Recently they have released topics of discussion which still doesn’t sit will with me.

5. The Elders of Zion

It is believed that this secret society is exclusive to Jewish members. However, many believe that this society does not actually exist.

4. The Rosicrucians

This secret society dates back to the 15th century. It is believed that this society has helped to incite various revolutions throughout history.

3. The Illuminati

Many devious acts have been attributed to the Illuminati. The truth behind this secret society is a mystery to all but its members. I’m looking at your Beyoncé!

2. The Freemasons

It is believed that the Freemasons are the oldest remaining secret society. If you are interested, you can still become a Freemason today.


1. Skull & Bones

This secret society is associated with the Ivy League college Yale. It is rumored that its members have a lot of influence in the business world. Famous members include former President Bush and his son George W.

While we are aware of these societies, there is much that we do not know about them. It is likely that the real truth behind these societies will remain a mystery. Are they myths, or are the stories true? Only members know.

The Top 10 Secret Societies