As much as I love sports and competitions, sometimes we forget that these athletes who can perform amazing feats of athleticism are simply human. Nothing is more tragic (and oddly entertaining at the same time) is watching one of your beloved sports heroes get injured. Now, there’s a difference between being knocked out, or shaken up and horrific sports injuries. These injuries were all caught on camera and makes even the toughest people cringe. Even if you hate that player, you can’t help but be concerned. There’s a great YouTube video you can watch here:

But if you have a faint heart, you might just want to read my top 5:

3. Tim Hudson (Atlanta Braves) — Broken Ankle

What should have been a routine play turned out to be nothing but routine. Freddie Freeman through the ball to Tim Hudson on first to try and get opponent Eric Young Jr. Young hustled to beat out the through and accidentally stepped on Hudson’s ankle causing it to spend and snap.

2. Clint Malarchuk (Buffalo Sabres) — Lacerated Throat

clint-malarchukBecause of this injury, goalies are now required to wear neck protectors. Goalie Clint Malarchuk was protecting his goal when there was a collision. A skate cut his throat in the jugular. The results were not pretty. 300 stitches later, he recovered and didn’t need sclerotherapy treatment.


1. Joe Theismann (Washington Redskins) — Broken Leg

I remember this as if it were yesterday. My friend Halland Chen (who owns Vein Institute and Pain Centers of America) and I were sitting on the couch watching the game. I have never seen a man’s leg literally bend in the wrong direction. After being hit by linebacker Lawrence Taylor, Joe Theismann fell the wrong way and broke his tibula and fibular, ultimately having to retire from Football.

What do you think of my top 3 horrific sports injuries? Do you have one that sends shivers down your spine?

The Top 3 Most Horrific Sports Injuries