1407754385_collage3If you are a food network junkie like me, and also watch every other cooking reality show on cable and primetime television (i.e. Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, The Taste, Top Chef) then you know probably way more than 10 celebrity chefs. In fact, despite some celebrity chefs needing chef management training (did you see how bad Nigella Lawson was on The Taste?), some of them even go from judges to contestants and show what real chefs can do when faced with difficult ingredients (like on Chopped). Here are my all time favorite celebrity chefs.

5. Guy Fieri

The first ever winner of Food Network Star. Alright he’s annoying but you have to admit that out of all the winners of that show, he’s clearly the best – and the only one that became “a star”.

4. Tom Colicchio

The head judge on Top Chef. He not only knows how to cook he gives constructive criticism to contestant to help them become better.

3. Anthony Bourdain

Known for being a “badass” his show No Reservations changed the way the world looked at food. He has been a guest judge on Top Chef as well as one of the mentors on The Taste. His style of cooking is what I wish I could eat every day.

2. Richard Blaze

Out of all the Top Chef alumni he is the most well known for his use of Molecular Gastronomy. It was from him that I learned that agar agar is a thickener! I’ve also eaten at some of his restaurants and I will forever be changed. After winning Top Chef All Stars, he has become a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games as well as MasterChef.


1. Alton Brown

Did you seriously think I would pick anyone else than the greatest food analyst than Alton Brown? Good Eats was the best show on Food Network. And if you don’t like Cutthroat Kitchen then there’s something wrong with you.

Top 5 Celebrity Chefs of 2016